I decided that I would pop back over here for a quick housekeeping message. I’ve had a few glitches pointed out to my new blogging space, Becoming Kindred. I think that I am slowly getting them worked out, including the subscribe by email, and I made a few notes over there explaining them. I do hope that you will honor me with your presence over there. And please, if something isn’t working right,  would you mind taking a minute to let me know? I don’t actually fix any technical stuff but it is really handy that I have my own personal tech guy who squeezes my requests into his spare time.

For the time being, I will leave this up because I’m finding that the format of my old posts have been really messed up and I don’t know when I will ever have a chance to fix them. Also, I know that many of my recipes and tutorials have been pinned to Pinterest and I never like it when I have pinned something but find it gone when I go back to it.

Also I have joined a 31 days of blogging challenges and so I or guests will be blogging every day for the month of October. I am actually finding it quite a challenge and I am only into the third day!

Come on over to www.becomingkindred.com!