Who I am

I’m Marissa, the young mama (I am young in age (28 is young right?) but mostly referring to my feelings of newness and inexperience at parenting) who does the “confessing” in this little space. I am wife to Dan, mama to two sweet girls whom I am privileged to love daily and two babes with Jesus, and beloved of my FATHER.

Frequently, I write about healthy living and share recipes that include whole ingredients that steer away from the processed, overly refined, and _____, that seems to plaque our generation and that of our children. This doesn’t however mean that I never eat pizza (and not just my own healthy recipe); I openly admit that I like a pop with said pizza. There are times when I just want to sink my teeth into some soft yet crusty French bread. Yes, I try to and have come to the place where our family eats a healthy and whole diet. But, I do not share meals with others expecting that they eat the same as me nor do I judge because someone does not. This is an area that is important to me and I am always learning about it but I do not put those expectations on others.

I give glimpses of our life and I talk about parenting our daughters. They are sweet, amazing and wonderful; they are kids and honestly I think that all kids are incredible gifts. I just happen to write about mine. I mostly choose not to share their struggles, go into depth about discipline or even get extremely personal about who they are because I really think that my daughters need me to respect their privacy. Their life is their story to tell and while they are young, I want to guard them well. I however, share parts that I feel could encourage others in the same way that I have been encouraged. And I do love to share bits about our everyday life. I am constantly discovering my way through how to do this honestly and reflectively while still keeping in mind what is mine to offer and being sensitive to what is not.

I enjoy creating, decorating, and I enjoy making things around me beautiful to share with others, whether it be sewing, cooking, gardening, or the many other things that I dabble in. Anything that I offer on here is to be used freely by others. If I get an idea, recipe or project from another, I give credit if I can and I would be honored if you would do the same with a link or mention. I would prefer that you not take images without my permission.

From time to time I make mention of my faith, as a follower of Christ, at times specifically in a post but more often in relation to some aspect of my life. It is a crucial part of my journey through this life and so naturally, it is expressed here much as it is in my ‘real’ life. I don’t wish to force this on others and I respect that not all believe as I do, I only wish to share what is vital to my life.

My life is not perfect; I am far from perfect. I have bad days, I wake up feeling miserable, I take it out on my husband, I speak shortly to my daughters, and I am ungrateful for the life that I have been given. But, I am also happy, thankful, a joyful mama, and a wife who loves her husband. I have been given many blessings and I try to use them well. I give nothing as an expert or as one who has it figured out. Only as one who is learning.

Thanks for walking the journey with me.

If you would like to contact me privately, you can email me at chickadeeswing(at)gmail (dot)com.


3 thoughts on “Who I am”

  1. Hell0! A friend sent me your link about your pad making party – I’ll post a comment on that. Just wondering where you are located to see if I can help sew! I’m in Hamilton Ontario. I’m starting up some more pad parties too. We got all the supplied donated by Wazoodle, HAKidd and KamSnaps. If you want, I can send you our request letter that I emailed to the companies.

    so glad to hear others want to make a big difference in the lives of girls in Africa!

    God Bless you!

    heidi vanderkwaak

    • Thank you for commenting! Does your friend happen to be Sarah M..? If so she is my sister in law! And if that is the case, I first learned about this from her telling me about your party:). I would love to have your request letter as I was just planning to email Wazoodle today about donating some supplies. I already have a great deal of materials that I would like to use but there are some more things that I need so that would be great!
      Again thank you so much for contacting me.

  2. I’m so glad you started this up! This is my first visit and it’s just awesome to read you in this ‘voice’ and expand our shared life. Thinking of you these days….

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