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I’ve wanted to make some blog changes for some time now. Partially because what I have been using to post with hasn’t been very user friendly for me but also because my little space here no longer seems to fit.

When I began writing here, it was when I was still in the processing stage of being a new mother. My blog name reflected that stage of my life. Now as a mother to my three girls, I find myself in a different stage and I find myself wanting to share my writing from a different perspective.

I am very dedicated to my role as mother as well as the other roles that I have been given and have chosen in this life. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, neighbor. I am also a child of God; a follower of Jesus.

I’ve written from each of those perspectives here but now I want my writing space to reflect that more clearly.

I also have found this space to be a place of connection and community that has been most encouraging and I want to thank each of you for that. That is something that I hope to continue.

And so friends, I’m hoping that you will join me in my shift of space. I know practically that can be a pain sometimes but I’m hoping that it can be quite smooth for you to follow me to my new digs. This will be my last post here but as I didn’t want to lose the content from here it has all been transferred over although it may take a while for me to tidy it up. I have a few more thoughts on this change but I will wait to share them over there.

Please join me in my new place; www.becomingkindred.com.