These spring days have been full and busy in our home. Most days just seem to whirl by and I am not sure where they went to. With my computer being down for the last couple of weeks, I’ve not been able to keep up with the world of technology well at all which is probably just as well right now. And then when I do have a moment to use Dan’s computer, my brain just refuses to click into that mode.

So here are some pictures to show a little of what has been going on. They are mostly pretty fun and have no way of capturing our slightly (or very) scattered life right now. Several times a day as a small fraction of what needs to be done gets done, I ask myself, What were we thinking?
One day at a time.

Baby Rosko

Sometimes, I feel like life just rushes forward and all I can see are the unfinished dishes, the bathrooms waiting to be cleaned and the fifty-plus other things that I never seem to catch up to. But these pictures say that there is more. In their hurriedly snapped, unedited state they are proclaiming that life is being lived well in many ways. Sure, Hazel pulls the stake out or breaks her tether daily, yes, the barn needs to more work, and another pile of dishes awaits. But, my girls are living the way that I really want them to. As hard and unfeasible as it is sometimes, we are living a good life. And so tonight, I am going to celebrate that.