We are slowly getting settled in here. A sign of this is that we have most of the garden planted. I couldn’t really think about it until a couple of days ago but then it was raining so much that the garden area was sloppy and sticky. Finally, I got tired of waiting and so we took the first break in the rain drops to start weeding. I always forget how even just a few moments in the garden is calming to my spirit. Somehow it always helps me to refocus and reflect, which without fail puts me in a better frame of mind.

As I fought the weeds, I thought about our recent move and some of our goals and desires that go with it. I won’t sugar coat it, these past couple of weeks have been difficult. I have had a bad attitude and been full of resentment. Our desires for quieter, simpler, less stuff, more time hasn’t  been as wonderful I wanted it to be nor come as easily as I had hoped it to. There are still complexities to deal with, worries to fight and weariness to overcome. Having said that, we are getting there. Things are slowly finding their place and our house has begun to feel familiar. The girls are settling into a routine and are more relaxed every day. Perhaps because Mama is relaxing more. I truly am thankful that we are here for this next year. I think it is the best choice we could have made for our little family. While nothing ever seems to go according to plan or as I imagine, I truly do believe that our time here will bring a clarity that we are seeking. I,with my love and my babies, am home.

And treasures like this mama and her eggs in the tree right outside our door are just one of my blessings.