I wish that I had a picture of my house right now. It is a maze of stuff; to keep, to throw, to clean, to garage sale, to return, to……. Seriously. I actually tried to take a picture on Saturday of my unshowered, unbrushed messily dressed self with Cecily in the carrier and the chaos behind us just so it couldn’t be said that I only show my good side:).  But, I truly couldn’t find the camera. Probably for the best. Right now I should be packing and yet I want to remember these times, these thoughts.

Amidst this wild mess that makes me crazy I am learning a valuable lesson. See, we are moving for a couple of reasons. One, Dan wants to do some studying. Two, we want to refocus, simplify and practice quiet living. Also this is a step toward our  future plans. While I pack, I have been forced to think about many things.  Such as what is important to me; what I value. I have been tempted to rush, to ignore everything and just pack. Forget healthy food, regular sleep times, quiet moments of reading or playing. I have not only been tempted but I have succumbed. I have also resisted and taken the time for a teaparty or a cuddle. Yes there is chaos around me but we always manage to find a spot. I can’t help but think this could be the rest of my life. Hopefully my house doesn’t always look like this, but much of life could and likely will. I can’t rush around and stress now so that I can reach the quiet is up ahead. Instead, serenity and a quiet heart can accompany my busy hands right now. I can savor and create little spaces of rest and joy now. Here’s to packing and the life lesson that it brings!