I love changes….that is, until they happen. Looking at new possibilities and adventures is something that always excites me except when it hits me that this is really going to happen. Our house has sold, we have a direction in which we are headed and everything is falling into place. In preparation for the move, we are sorting through our treasures and belongings. It is tough deciding what to keep and what to get rid of! Basically, I have three categories in my mind; practically needed, asthetically pleasing, sentimentally/memory invoking. Dan and I work well together in deciding these things but we still have differing opinions on these categories and so sometimes we have character building conversations (okay so they do get a little emotionally charged at times) as we decide what stays and goes. Then Aneliese comes along and asks us to put things back (another post on this coming) or finds something that I put in the garbage and takes it out again.

There is also the rush of decision making and unexpected turns that sort of shake things up a bit. Should we stay here as long as we planned? Or should we make a clean cut and head out so that we can get settled sooner and hopefully make an smoother transition for our girls? How are we going to transport our belongings? Where are we going to live? What do our priorities and values look like during this coming season? Truly, I am thankful and excited for this new stretch in the road but I am feeling a little overwhelmed. But however I am feeling, we are having a moving sale on Saturday, my girls are in sweet slumber and I have a window of opportunity to sort through some of my fabrics. Here I go.