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Tomorrow I will be the mama of a two year old. Instead of hearing “I was one” and “Soon I be two” on a very regular basis, Aneliese will be begin telling everyone that “I am two”. She is quite excited about her birthday and the fact that she will have a party, well actually two. A little tea party with some friends in that morning and then a shared pizza party with her uncle Jerrod in the evening which will also be combined with getting ready for Auntie “Shayno’s” wedding. I love special days and I think Aneliese is picking up on this at an early age.

I like the tradition of giving to others on special days and so I are going to start this for my girls birthdays as well. Since Aneliese is still a little young to understand, I am going to do it for her this year. As part of Aneliese’s special day, I made her this little crown and so I would like to give one away. This is how it will work. First leave a comment saying if it is for a boy or girl and a favorite color and/or object (like the cherries on A’s) and then on Monday, Aneliese and I will draw one name from the comments. I’ll then announce who the winner is, get some info, and make a crown. How does that sound? Comments closed.