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I just learned about this through modern handmade child (a fun online magazine) and wanted to put it on here because I think it is pretty exciting. Apparently some ladies on Etsy have been organizing baby showers for a couple of years now and they have been a great success. Shops on Etsy donate gifts from their shops and mamas-to-be can sign up to participate in the baby shower. I love handmade stuff and Etsy has so many great shops. I was a little sad that I only just found out about it because I would have loved to have participated in the last one!  This is a chance to promote my shop but mostly I just love giving gifts and I am pretty excited to be able to share something that I love to do with some other mama out there.

So here is some info for anyone who is interested.

Here are the requirements for the moms-to-be who are due between May 1, 2010 and August 31, 2010.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. You must have purchased at least 5 items on Etsy. (This is not firm yet, we may be making some changes, so even if your friends don’t have 5 purchases have them e-mail us and we will get back to them.)
2. You may not have received gifts as a mom in the Winter 2010 Etsy Baby Shower
3. You must be willing to provide a photo of your gifts to us for our Flickr album. We may also ask that you spread the baby shower love through whatever other social media you might participate in currently.

Have your mom-to-be friends sign up by e-mailing us at etsybabyshower@gmail.com with their name, location, email address, baby’s sex (if known), and due date or birth-date of their baby.