I have been considering starting something like this for a while. Not that I need something more to take my time or to use precious space in my mind. I wish that I were better at keeping a journal but I am not; I start and stop often. I love writing but it has grown incredibly sloppy in the past years due to lack of time and laziness. I often tell people that I will give them recipes or directions on crafts and then I forget. I like to share (giving and receiving) thoughts on gardening, cooking, kids, discipline, missions, Godly living etc, etc. yet I find that doesn’t happen often enough.

So I thought a blog would be a good venue for all of the above. Here are the reasons for why I might regret it. Will it become another time waster? (I have too many already) Will I be open and honest about who I am, lovely and….not so lovely?(within reason, this is public after all!) Will it become a futile search for affirmation?(how many comments will I get?). These might seem silly and especially the last one but this is a glimpse of who I am.

I am hoping write at least weekly and I also want to add a recipe or project weekly as well.

Happy Blogging to me!